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NAND flash products are often considered commodity items, but Delkin understands the key attributes Embedded and Industrial OEMs need from a storage supplier and their products. Delkin strives to deliver value, while meeting the unique requirements of each individual application. 

Delkin Devices Controlled Solutions

Controlled Solutions

Delkin knows that Embedded and Industrial OEMs can’t afford to deal with the potential problems that frequent changes in retail grade storage products can induce.  All of Delkin’s Industrial and Utility products are built with a controlled bill of materials, so once qualified, the flash, controller and firmware are guaranteed not to change as long as that part number is active.  Any change to one of these components, due to discontinuation by the manufacturer or a recommended firmware upgrade, requires a new part number.  Delkin’s method of configuration management ensures consistent performance, host compatibility and no surprises.

Delkin Devices Lifecycle Management

Life Cycle Management

Delkin understands that there is a cost associated with testing and approving a storage product, and Embedded/Industrial OEMs can’t afford frequent re- qualifications.  Therefore, when designing a new product, controller and flash selections are heavily dependent on longest possible life cycle. When the inevitable EOL does occur, Delkin takes measures to extend supply, but also provide as much advance notice as possible.  EOL notifications are published, with details for last time buys and shipments, as well as information to obtain samples of the recommended replacement part.  It is Delkin’s goal to make the EOL process and transition to new solutions as seamless as possible.


Quality and Reliability

Delivering high quality products is an expectation, but the concept of quality and continuous improvement is at the core of everything we do at Delkin – from product and process development to manufacturing, customer service and support.  Reliability can be defined as consistently delivering quality over time, with the term most often used relative to the products themselves.  At Delkin, reliability also applies to the way we conduct business – through excellent service and support, flexible operations to meet customer delivery requirements and technical expertise, you can count on Delkin to be your storage partner.



Delkin realizes that one-size-fits-all does not work in the Embedded/Industrial OEM storage world and we embrace the opportunity to customize a product or test process for your unique application.  The majority of our industrial products ship with some level of customization – which can include environmental, electrical, mechanical and/or test specifications, as well as image loading and cosmetic or packaging customization. The ability to get exactly what you need, without huge MOQ requirements or long lead times, makes Delkin different.


Applications and Engineering Support

Delkin Devices’ headquarters in Poway, California is home to our design, manufacturing and technical support teams for Industrial products.  The resources you need to assist with product selection, host qualification, applications support, customization of standard products or custom designs, and even failure analysis, are all in one facility in the USA.

Delkin is a different type of flash storage provider, utilizing controlled configurations, life cycle management, product customization and an outstanding USA-based support team to deliver exactly the right products needed by Embedded and Industrial OEMs.

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